Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ellie Blogs!

As I was logging in to add a new link to my "friends and family who blog," I figured I would write a post about it.

My friend, Ellen Tingey, has started a blog. Now I can keep up on the exciting happenings of her life when we move off to California. We are getting together for a farewell on Friday with a few other former roommates, Katherine and Melanie.

So, here are 10 things you might want to know about Ellie in case you decide to lurk on her blog:

1. Sometimes she has big hair

2. She was born in New Mexico (Sorry Elle, the truth had to be told) but grew up in Texas

3. She doesn't have a middle name

4. When we lived together she was the best cook I knew

5. You can call her Ellen, Ellie, or Elle. I use all of them interchangably.

6. She never liked Beverly Hills 90210

7. She loves romantic comedies, and likes the name Isabel because of Fools Rush In

8. Geography and/or pronouncing foreign countries is not her strongest point

9. She was my maid-of-honor

10. She is my BFF

For those of you who cannot believe #6 - I'm with you - how could someone in my generation not like Beverly Hills 90210? The day Ellie moved into my Provo, Utah apartment, I was watching the series finale of 90210. I hadn't kept up on the show like I did in its early years, but of course I had to watch the finale. So we started off on the wrong foot since Ellie moved right into my room and interrupted my show watching. At the same time, she was thinking she could never get along with someone from California who actually watched that show.

Luckily we moved passed it and started a great friendship.


Ellie said...

Ha! I love it, I have my own blog...just about me. I will have to come up with one about you. It might not be as clever...but I will try!

Jill said...

Allison, your list was hilarious. But she ALWAYS has big hair, it's the Texas way and we all know, the Texas way is the RIGHT WAY! She is a good cook, but not as good as me! I especially like the way she cooks pizza. Something like "Flaming Oven Pizza". Yes, she was born in New Mexico, aka The Armpit of the Nation. But she got to Tejas as fast as she could. Poor thang! Don't you just think that this thing with Charlie has gone on waaaayyyy too long? How many people celebrate their anniversary with their truck? Another Texas thang.

Jill said...

You could add one more thing to your list. P-O-O-L has 2 syllables, sometimes 3, when pronounced by Elle. K-N-O-W is pronounced "noah". I noah what I'm doing.....

Allison said...

I've never had flaming oven pizza, I'll have to ask Elle for the recipe! :)

Jill said...

Ok, Mother of the Cutest Kids Ever! I now have a blog so I can keep up with you and the sistah!