Monday, November 12, 2007

I have nothing to write

In case you couldn't tell by my title, I can't think of much to talk about. Since we are about to leave Utah in a week, I guess I will talk about the house that has kept us here so long. In case you didn't know, in the past year we have purchased and put a not insignificant (sorry, too much law school) amount of money into a home to sell. I balk at anyone who considers it a traditional flip because my reasons for buying it were varied. We just had twins, I have lots of free time, I like working on houses, and I had done everything I wanted to do to our past house. Anyway, the house has been on the market now for close to 5 months without selling. We have had several people interested in the house but no takers.

More than one person has asked me in a hushed tone whether I regret purchasing the house. Others, who thought the purchase was dumb to begin with, have now insinuated that the house has been a failure (why are we threatened by the success of others?). Regardless of what others think, this experiment has been a major success. We have made some incredible improvements on a piece of property that I think is inherently amazing. I have learned a ton about people, real estate, construction, and myself. Further, and more importantly, this project has reinforced my faith in God. Let me explain.

I don't claim to be the most faithful or religious person. But among my core beliefs, I know that God knows me and watches over me and participates in my life. This does not mean that my life has followed the exact path I wanted. Rather, it means that things always work out. When it comes to this house, the fact that we have been in Utah has given me an amazing amount of free time to spend with our children. I can't imagine ever having this much free time to spend with them again, especially at such an amazing time in their lives when they are discovering and synthesizing the world around them. I sometimes complain about the time but I know I will always look back fondly. So for those of you out there contemplating something new or challenging, look inside and find a little faith and things will work out.

p.s. Sorry about the cheesy post


Allison said...

I like your cheesy post Ben :)

It's true, things always work out in the end. Although I fought moving to begin with, I can't imagine being in our tiny old house right now with these kids. I would have gone crazy!

And, I say we just keep the house because we'll probably live in Utah again SOMEDAY, and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else but in this house.

Ellie said...

Oh my goodness! That was like the most profound blog I have ever read!It was so inspirational and I love that you have taken so much out of this experience. Some people aren't very good at looking at life's experiences and taking as much as you can from them. I admire that quality and hope to become better at it.

Ellie said...
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