Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I love technology

I used to scrapbook. I have one for my high school years, the beginning of our marriage, and for the first two years of Anna's life. I'm not very artistic, but I liked scrapbooking. Then, when I found out I was pregnant with twins I knew it was over. I didn't even try to pretend, I knew I wouldn't get back to it for a very long time.

And, I haven't. Alex is into digital scrapbooking and got me some CDs, which are very cool. But I still haven't taken enough time to do that either! I've looked, but haven't really done any pages yet. I promise I will, someday.

But luckily, technology always comes up with a way to replace the fun of good old fashioned hobbies. So although scrapbooking has gone out the window for a few years, I have been blogging. And now, this blog can be turned into a scrapbook.

Isn't that cool?


Katie said...

I love Blurb. I've started ours, but am waiting until December to order. I am excited!

Melody said...

I'm so excited about doing one. If I can keep up with blogging I think I may print one every year.

Ellie said...

Oh he knows i think he is hot. I should have clarified that he and I are "good friends" and talk outside work but I couldn't say that because some girls at work read it.

Tiffani said...

oh my gosh! this thing is soo cool. lol. I started scrapbooking. But since haveing kids I have had no time to finish it. I think I have Avalons first 6 months and then that is it. :o(

The Barb Chronicles said...

I can't wait until technology figures out how to cook dinner and put the kids to bed without a finger lifted on my part! :-)