Sunday, September 28, 2008

Time Flies

I felt like I had been keeping up with the blog, and then I realized the last post was 12 days ago already. Time is going by too fast lately.

So, to at least keep you updated on the exciting happenings in my life, I got a shiny new laptop. My last one died but my new one is PINK and I love it. It took two months to get here and the first one they sent didn't work (thanks Dell) but hopefully it was worth the wait.


We took the kids to Poly's homecoming parade on Saturday. Afterwards, we went to the pep rally. Anna's favorite part was the cheerleaders and now she wants to be one someday. I tried to point out the colorguard girls and said, "but don't you want to be one of them like Mommy was?" Hmm, she said no thanks.

Isabel is also well versed in "Go Poly Bears" so we are now not only (top 10 ranked) BYU fans, but also Poly High School football fans this season.


I'm off to play catch up for work this week. Our babysitter had walking pneumonia last week so I'm way behind.


Tiffani said...

awe! that sounds so fun! I wish we would have thought to do that. lol. Avalon would have loved it! Go Bears!! lol
Congrats on your new laptop! I am so jelous. Everyone has a laptop but me. :o( lol. Oh well, after we pay off the kitchen then we can get one. :o)

Steph said...

Poly High!
Hey Hey Hey!

:) Thanks to Bri for teaching me the cheer so I could feel connected to this post.
Sounds like fun!

Ellie said...

That is so cute! I can't believe you got Ben to go to a pep rally! Or did you? I am actually goign to one on Friday...I will report back!

Sabby said...

Riverside, Poly High, #1! Sounds like fun! I will have to hear the cheers from the kids next time I call.

btw I love the pink laptop!