Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4 times 2

I can't believe Adam and Isabel turned four years old. Only one more year and they will go to kindergarten!! I remember when I had them a woman I knew who had twins told me it wouldn't get easier until they were five.

I beg to differ, it has been much easier since they turned about two. The last year has honestly been a breeze. Well, as breezy as having three kids can be. They are still a handful, but I don't feel like the fact that they are twins changes anything at this point. My tune might change when I have two kids turning driving age, or going to college!

Here is a little about them at age 4:

Isabel is...unique, spunky, chatty (is there a stronger word for chatty?), sweet, giving, friendly, outgoing, smart, and social.

Isabel loves...baby dolls, playing with her big sister, coloring, talking, playing dress up, swimming, going to the park, and eating treats.

Adam is... athletic, loving, passionate, friendly, hard-working, independent, artistic, and sometimes rambunctious.

Adam loves...Legos, cars, Zhu Zhu pets, making crafts, riding his bike or scooter, working outside, swimming, running, sports, and reading books.

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