Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Six Years Old!

When I look at Anna these days, she looks so grown up to me. The baby face is gone, and her long hair makes her look older. She wanted a Hello Kitty birthday party. This was her first friend birthday party, and we had five little girls from school, soccer, and church.

Here is a snapshot of Anna at 6 years old:

She loves...Hello Kitty, backpacks, playing Mommy/Baby, swimming, soccer, Polly Pockets, iCarly, making crafts, school, riding her bike, and playing with her brother and sister.

She does not leave the house, to organize her room, to watch "baby" cartoons, or shopping in general.

Her very motherly, sweet, sensitive, inquisitive, and sometimes dramatic.

She wants to be...a songwriter when she grows up (like Taylor Swift).

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