Friday, June 8, 2007

15 Seconds of Fame

Originally I was going to title the post "5 seconds of fame" or something like that, but we were actually in this story more than I thought we would be.

I was interviewed by Channel 4 (ABC) news here in Utah. I work for PilmerPR, who is featured in the story. Some of their editing wasn't exactly consistent with what I actually said, but oh well.

We also had to set up a desk the night before the interview so it would look like I have a home office. Before this I was usually sitting on a recliner with my laptop. I didn't think that would look very good on TV!

Click here to see the kids and I on the news...

As a side note, I wrote the talking points that the news anchors say at the end of the piece. It was a fun work day and good practice, since I have coached people before on doing TV interviews, but never did one myself. I think I need some practice!


Carilly said...

Happy Birthday Allison!!

(btw, I'm posting this here because for some reason its not letting me log into Myspace!!)

I hope you have a great birthday!!

Sabby said...

What fun to be on the news. You and the kids look cute! Thanks for sharing!

And have a Happy Brithday!

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday! Hope your having a good one! Loved the news show. You and the kids were so cute!