Monday, June 25, 2007

Tired of studying

I am sick of studying for the bar. I hate the drive to Provo. I am tired of watching videos of law professors all days. I don't want to learn about California civil procedure (perhaps the most boring subject in the history of the world). Since I promised Allison house pictures, here are a bunch of pictures of the house when we first bought it (and after I took a sledge hammer to some walls). Enjoy.

This was the basement laundry room that we tore down and added a window. It looks much better.

More basement laundry.

Stairway to the basement. The walls were in great shape.

Master bathroom tub, toilet, bidet, and lots of ugly, dated, blue tile. You can't see it in the picture, but there is a cabinet to the left of the doorway entry with some random glass shelves and mirror.

The master bath shower. We demolished and replaced with something a little bigger.

Master bath vanity area. Ripped out everything, and put in new cabinets, countertops, and flooring.

New carpet and paint in the Master Bedroom. I do miss the green, however.

Lovely staircase from the main floor to the top floor. Not pretty. We ripped down the walls and squared the the stairs off.

Another shot of the staircase. Lots of drywall and wallpaper (that ripped off the drywall paper when removed). We ripped this all down and replaced with Alder handrails and iron ballisters.

Some space in the room with beautiful mustard walls and lots of our junk. We just painted the space.

Dining room walls with really bad lights. We skim coated the walls, painted and replaced the light.

The opening between the living room and the kitchen/family room space (not sure what to call it). The opening between the two room was a small doorway. We ended up spanning the whole space with a Microlam that spanned 12 feet.

This is one view of the kithen. The mustard wall to the right is the backside of a large pantry that took up the entire space of the kitchen. We demolished and opened the space up.

Hopefully I will have the updated pictures to show you soon. However, I make no promises!

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Sabby said...

It sure is funny to see what things use to look like. I like the house now much better! Good work!