Tuesday, August 28, 2007


For those of you who don't live in Utah, you may not believe me - but Chuck-A-Rama is a restaurant. It's an unfortunate name, don't you think? It's a buffet, and we've been to the one near our house twice I think.

It sounded good today, so we took the kids. Here are the top 10 reasons why buffets can be great.

10. When you have three kids, it's a good deal. They only charge for the adults but we feed the kids too. Buying meals for us and a few kids meals is getting expensive!

9. You get to eat salad, roast beef, chinese food, and three kinds of dessert all in one meal.

8. You can throw french fries, goldfish crackers, mac & cheese, chocolate pudding, rolls, and other varieties of food at your kids to keep them happy for an hour.

7. Every time you get up to get food your 3 year old can follow you.

6. You can feel at one with the "old folks" who frequently eat at buffets.

5. No need to finish your plate, just have them clear it and get a new one. Wasting food at its finest.

4. You don't have to cook. Of course, that is a great benefit of going anywhere to eat.

3. Buffets are the only place you can get desserts like bread pudding and rice pudding. Oh, and don't ever get either of those items - they aren't good at a buffet.

2. The choice is yours at Chuck-A-Rama. Oh, that's their jingle.

1. You can look around for the "buffeteers" as my Dad calls them. These are people who stay at the buffet for 3 hours, resting in between meals. They really maximize their $10 investment by eating as much as possible. Seriously, next time you go to a buffet look around - you'll see them.

So, we are all full and happy and no one seems to have mixed the wrong foods together. Thanks Chuck-A-Rama!


Marlene said...

Sad to admit, but I have first-hand knowledge that Chuck-a-Rama makes a pretty good turkey dinner. I fondly remember the Thanksgiving holiday we decided to go up to the BYU students instead of having them come home. We had no idea that Thanksgiving isn't a major business day for restaurants in Provo (like it is in California) and Chuck-a Rama was the only thing we could find open. Aside from the unfortunate name, we did have a good time together and no one had to do dishes. Mom

Jason said...

Erin, Kate and I are at the Draper Chuck-O-Rama a couple times a month. Best Salad Bar in Draper Hands Down! Also great rolls.

Allison said...

Jason - I forgot to mention the awesome rolls, they should have had a number all to themselves on the list.

Ben has a theory that the rolls are so good because they're cheap, so you'll fill up on bread and not eat anything else.