Friday, August 3, 2007


We have Internet access at our camp (they call it a camp here in Maine, but that means a big house with all of the amenities) but it's dial up. Painfully slow. So no pictures until we get back.

We are having fun swimming, eating, playing in the sand, and yesterday a few of us went jet skiing. Today Ben and I and the kids all seem to have colds, so I hope that ends soon. I need a nap.

We leave camp tomorrow and we'll do some other things in Maine - I think we might go to the Lobster Festival on Saturday, then to Old Orchard Beach on Sunday to see the ocean.

More details when we get back!

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Unknown said...

Hi Allison! I hope you're enjoying your vacation. I know it's well-deserved after all you guys have been up to lately. :)