Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay

I hope the few loyal readers we have will forgive our absence from blogging. We have had a nice, long vacation. A little too long actually. I am eager to get back to our regular life.

Maine was wonderful and tiring. Remind me not to travel with three kids under three. Actually, I don't think I'll need reminding. They did great and better than I expected, but relaxation is still non-existent.

Our camp by the lake was great and we had beautiful weather every single day. The kids loved swimming, especially Anna (or Anna-fish as she was called by my Aunt Cathy) and Isabel. Isabel thinks she is a big kid and tries to wiggle away from you like she can swim. Adam had fun too, either while clinging to us tightly in the water, or happily playing in the sand.

Here they are on the dock...

Anna with her Great Grandpa "Bumpy"

Sebago Lake
Only one week of our trip was spent in Maine, the rest of the trip has included working with a little bit of fun. Much more on Maine and other things to come.

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