Thursday, June 26, 2008

Family History

I've always considered myself very lucky in the grandparent department. Until recently, all of my grandparents were still living. And the older I get, I consider that pretty amazing.

A few weeks ago, my grandfather passed away on my Dad's side. He lived in Maine, and we have visited there a handful of times over the years. During one of our recent trips, he recounted his family history to me, told childhood stories, and then later sent me a list of all of the relatives he had record of. He asked that I look into his family history some day when I have time.

I know he would have loved to see some of his genealogy work done, so I wish I had taken the time to work on it before he passed away. But more importantly, I am so glad he recorded those names and shared those stories. It reminded me to try to get that from each grandparent, before it is lost.

"Grandpa Skinny" as I grew up calling him, bonded with Anna both times she visited. I'm so glad we took those trips! I never had any living great-grandparents, but our kids have been lucky enough to have many.


Ellie said...

Oh I love that picture of her standing next to him! So cute! I wish I had just known my grandparents!

Tiffani said...

awe! Very cute! I grew up with all my grandparents and almost all of my great grandparents. It's true that you take it for granit. I was in my 20's before I started losing most of them. I think that is awesome that he did his family history. I think people also take that for granit. My grandmother did ours. But, like my mother-in-law is adopted. So she has nothing. And she always regreats that she can't trace anything back.