Monday, June 23, 2008

To Schedule

I was looking for an old document and found this one. It is titled "To Do Before Babies" and was last saved on June 12th, 2006 - 2.5 weeks before Adam and Isabel were unexpectedly born early. Do you think all of this was done by the time they were born?

It is the last item that made me laugh the hardest.

To Do


  1. Install closet
  2. Paint bedroom
  3. Move bedrooms
  4. Tile in bathroom
  5. Kitchen faucet
  6. Fix garage door opener plug
  7. Fix microwave
  8. Organize baby clothes
  9. Put baby dresser together
  10. Baby proof dressers
  11. Install more cabinet locks, buy door handle locks
  12. Make quilts/get baby bedding
  13. Clean windows, refrigerator, ceiling fan


  1. Seed front grass
  2. Sod back yard
  3. Remove concrete blocks
  4. Check gutter
  5. Fix screen door
  6. Fill in gaps with foam
  7. Fix roof
  8. Cut tree down
  9. Fill in planters (till front planter)

To Buy

  1. Nursing pillow
  2. Crib
  3. Pack n Play
  4. Car seat
  5. Diapers
  6. Toys for Anna
  7. Swing
  8. Thank you cards
  9. Announcements

To Schedule

  1. Nanny


Kevin said...

Wow! You were busy!

Steph said...

I, too, am a list maker. Before Maya was born I had a similar list hanging on my fridge and got most everything crossed off.
I kept it up for months after she was born because it made me feel good to remember that once upon a time I actually GOT things done.
I need some new lists now that she is getting a little more independent. :)