Friday, June 6, 2008

Utah Shout Out

Mom and Dad Y. are on their way to Utah to visit baby Kaleb and Kevin and Sabrina. Of course they'll also get to see John and Steph and Matt and Alex and all of the kids.

So I'm admitting it - I'm jealous. I used to write posts about missing California, but right now I could use a trip to Utah. I think we'll be going sometime soon. Here's why:
  1. Baby Kaleb, of course. We want to see our new nephew/cousin!
  2. All of the other cousins, aunts and uncles.
  3. Training Table cheese fries and fry sauce (this almost went first).
  4. Our old house, I miss it and want to make sure it's okay.
  5. Cafe Rio and Wingers - yes, a lot of what I miss is food related.
We're taking our own little weekend trip and staying down in Newport Beach for our first overnight away since the twins were born. Thanks Mom! We are going to enjoy our two mornings of sleeping in, eating nice leisurely breakfasts, watching movies, and laying out in the sun.

Happy Friday!


Tiffani said...

Hope you guys have a great weekend in newport!! ;0)

Steph said...

We'll miss you guys this weekend too! Newport Beach sounds like a nice alternative though. :)
We'll see you guys in July though, right?

Unknown said...

Newport sounds like fun. Have a great time!

I miss our old neighborhood sometimes too, and I also happen to miss some of the food from a restaurant nearby (mango smoothies and tiny creme brulees... I had both during my pregnancy with Ari and I think the cravings never went away!)